Trivia "Amaranth"


  • Amaranth, a type of South American tree - Protected exotic wood, core color purple, splitter color white, particularly hard and tough thanks to the high proportion of hardwood, nevertheless easily workable. Also known in German as Purpurholz (purple wood), Königsholz (royal wood), and in English as purple heart (see: military)
  • Amaranth (Amarant), plant – pigweed family, purple inflorescence, edible seeds and leaves, a staple food for the Incas and Aztecs who worshipped it as divine because of its healing powers


  • The Order of the Amaranth a masonic order, founded by Queen Christina of Sweden, the number of members were limited to 15 knights and 15 ladies, the colors of the order are purple and gold
  • Purple Heart - the oldest medal (of bravery) in the world still used today, awarded to those wounded in action


  • In ancient Greece, thanks to its dry and unwilting blossom, Amaranth was dedicated to the gods (Artemis), as an expression of eternal life and healing, the “flower of immortality”
  • Acc. Homer (Iliad), the mourners at the funeral of the hero Achilles crowned themselves with wreaths of Amaranth.

Mission statement of the kennel "suaviter in modo - fortiter in re"

  • Suaviter in modo – fortiter in re (Lat: Gentle in manner – resolute in action). This statement bears witness to our aspiration to produce dogs that are friendly and easy going, while fulfilling their tasks with purpose and consistency.