Kennel manifesto

  • With the commitment of social partners, we wish to enable our dogs to lead a fulfilled life that is appropriate to them as a species, a breed and as individuals.
  • We socialize and train our dogs in tune with our responsibility for mankind and the environment.
  • We develop and work our dogs in FCI sport because of our conviction that this provides the Hovawart breed with a particularly broad range of opportunities for self-fulfillment (gratification of instincts).
  • We breed Hovawarts; because we love them and are free from any commercial ambition. The definitive rules are the breeding guidelines of the Rassezuchtverein für Hovawarte (RZVH), with its legal domicile in Coburg, in the correspondingly currently valid version.
  • Dogs from Amaranth should distinguish themselves through health, temperament (impulses), mature character, safe instincts, friendliness and readiness to work.
  • We aspire to the perfect conditions for the keeping, training, mating, birth and raising of our dogs.The proceeds of sales are utilized for this purpose.
  • We only entrust dogs to people we believe are suitable for keeping or handling dogs.
  • We are happy to give help and advice to people who have dogs from our kennels. We expect to be informed on inquiry about the development of animals received from us.
  • We keep our knowledge about breeding, raising, keeping, handling and training Hovawarts up to date. Our association's current level of recognized knowledge is the definitive measure for this.

Neustadt b. Cbg. in Sep. 2011
signed Sabine and Georg Weber