Profile: Ajushi vom Drei Ruten Berg – known as „Joschi“

Ajushi Portrait"Medium-sized, b+t dog, solid type, very handsome head with well-located quite small mane, compl. scissor bite, loose flews, medium-brown eyes, back and tail okay, testicles visible, shiny jet black coat, slightly wavy and a very good length, overall complete, clearly distinct markings, straight, strong forelegs and hind legs, well set, hindquarters angled quite steeply, beautifully flowing gait. This dog is not shy in the ring, he is interested and friendly."
(23.08.09, CAC Marque, Zwischenklasse, Judge Jürgen Krämer, Conformation Grade V, 1st place)

Stud Book Number: VDH-HO 32238-07
Performance Title: CD (2011) | Beste Best Show Performance: V (1st Place)
Sire: Catweezel von Acro Bado, VDH-HO 27837-02
Dam: Achtel zur Bärenschlucht, VDH-HO 29891-04
Whelping date: 09.10.2007
Measurements: Cannon bone: 15cm | Withers: 68cm | Body: 77cm | Depth of chest: 26cm | Chest girth: 78cm
Hips: HD-A1 (HD free) | Eyes: no abnormalities
Degenerative Myelopathie (DM): Genotyp N/N (free) [LABOKLIN certified 1209W21285]

List of Successful Matings

C Litter von den Isartalern (5D/1B, 6 b+t), Whelping date: 05.07.2012

S Litter von der Rumesburg, (3D/3B, 4 bl, 2 b+t), Whelping date: 15.05.2012

Number of Open Matings: Nationwide 3 | International 3

Open Inquiries: 4 || Nationwide 2 | International 2


At the moment, Joschi is being trained for the IPO 1-3. The IPO 1 is planned for 2013. In subordination, he is eager to work and with a good attitude, as a guard dog he is enthusiastic and easy enough to handle. In tracking, he has worked well and confidently recently – however his master rather neglected this discipline for quite a while.


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